Looking to lose weight fast and without too much difficulty, try calorie counting. Calorie counting is not new and is not that flashy, but people that count their calories can lose lots of weight without changing their eating habits drastically. Here are some great tips on calorie counting.

Calorie counting is a process by which you calculate how many calories you will consume each day and plan accordingly. For instance a normal man or women usually can eat 2000 calories per day without adding weight. By dropping your calories 25% to 1500 calories as well as exercising burning another 300 calories you can have a total caloric intake of only 1200 calories per day. You won’t starve, you won’t have to change your eating habits drastically and you can lose possibly 2 to 3 pounds per week or a total of 8 to 12 pounds per month.

Calorie counting is extremely easy with the use of the internet, you can research common foods you eat to determine their caloric intake per serving or just look on many food boxes which list the calories. If you eat fast food, go online or ask for special food literature that most fast food restaurants hand out for free. You can keep in line with your caloric intakes each day and within 2 months time lose 20 pounds or more without the headaches of starving, eating foods you don’t like or taking lots of supplements. If you are looking to lose weight easy and smartly, look into calorie counting.

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