Losing weight is not as hard as you think it is. Many are discouraged by the fact that it is so easy to gain a few pounds over a weekend of binge eating and extremely difficult to lose it. It is this kind of thinking that discourages overweight people to challenge themselves to lose weight and get the desired figure that they want. Are we really willing and trying hard enough to lose weight or do we want instant gratification without moving a muscle in our body?

Exercise and diet are the key factors to shedding off those pounds. If these two things are done diligently, one can lose weight instantly. Weight loss shakes are also a good way to help shed those pounds, replacing it with a meal can help rid you of unnecessary calories. It also keeps you full for a long period of time. One can find weight loss shakes recipes on the internet or any health magazine. Since these weight loss shakes recipes do not require any cooking, making them is very easy. It?s a simple as putting all your ingredients in a blender and blending it with some low-fat milk and ice.

Weight loss shakes recipes vary from the complicated ones that are well measured and calorie counted to simple ones that just make use of common fruits and vegetables that you can find in any household. You can also add vitamins and supplements to your shake to make it an all in one drink that keeps you healthy. The beauty of these weight loss shakes is you can throw in virtually anything you can think of, as long as it?s healthy.

These weight loss shakes recipes use yoghurt and low-fat milk. Sugar is also discouraged because people have the tendency to overdo it. It won?t be a weight loss shake if it has a pint of sugar in it. Two tablespoons of sugar is the maximum amount one can put.

Exercise, diet and these weight loss shakes are key to losing unwanted fat. If you couple this with discipline, you will be well on your way to hitting your desired weight.

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