People usually associate low carb diets with food that contain very few carbohydrates and lots of protein and fat. Low carb diets are also referred to as low glycemic diets, reduced carbohydrate diet and even controlled carb diets. What’s more, there are several well known low carbohydrate diet recipes that help people consume the proper kinds of foods. The Atkins Diet, South Beach Zone, Sugar Busters, Protein Power as well as Carbohydrate Addicts Diet are some of the better known low carb diets. All of these use their own individual way to limit the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed in an everyday diet.

Ways to reduce carbs in your diet

As with all diets, low carb diets work in different ways to reduce your daily carb intake. Some might require that the overall numbers of carbohydrates be limited while others will emphasize on the need to reduce only certain foods, especially those that contain much starch and sugar. Some low carb diet recipes also require that glycemic aspect of your food is given more emphasis. A good example of what a good low carb diet recipe can do is the No White Foods diet in which there are very little, if any, potatoes, white flour, white rice and sugar.

A favorite recipe on the low carb diet is Cheesilicious Chicken. This requires using twelve ounces of chicken breasts, one teaspoon of butter, three slices of ham, half a cup of cheddar and the same amount of cream, some salt, pepper, garlic powder as well as a quarter teaspoon of liquid smoke.

The next step is to pound the chicken after which it requires to be sautéed in butter. Next, you can warm the ham in a pan and then you will need to remove the chicken as well as ham after which you will then need to melt some butter in the frying pan and to the pan you will need to add liquid smoke and some seasoning as well as cream after which you can add the cheese. This mixture should be stirred until all of the cheese has melted and then you can place the ham slice on the chicken and pour some sauce over it. This dish contains very few carbohydrates and is one of the tastiest low carb diet recipes.

An aspect of low car diets that people often overlook is smoked salmon. This will add some zing to your diet and also provide you with nourishment as well. Salmon is known to contain high quantities of Omega-3 fatty acid that is good for your health and so, well worth including in your low carb diet. You should always be sure to consult your doctor or dietician before embarking on any diet.


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