Because there are just too many diet plans around, individuals find it hard to evaluate which really works. People should remember that trying a diet program is not easy as it sounds because human beings have different physical conditions. Not all individuals can tolerate any food or medication due to allergic reactions. Additionally, individuals with a chronic condition are very sensitive to new types of diet. The most basic and safe step when going on a diet is to seek the advice of a health professional.

What is the hcg diet method?

The hcg means Human Chrorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone naturally produced by females in their placenta especially when they are pregnant. The hcg is primarily a hormone that can regulate several metabolic functions. The hcg diet requires the intake of hcg hormone shots during the program. Nevertheless, the hormones used in hcg injections are already synthetic preparations. It is entirely used for medicinal purposes. These hcg hormone injections helps a person overcome hunger while consuming very low calories. Basically, the hcg diet is a thirty day program divided into three phases. During the stabilization phase of three weeks, the dieter would consume a very low calorie diet that’s quite severe.

What is the hcg diet protocol?

Basically, the hcg diet was originally created by Dr ATW Simeons through his book Pounds and Inches. Individuals on this diet must drink at least a pint of water daily to process waste products in the body. Protein sources are important in the hcg diet protocol. Fiber comes mainly from fruits and vegetables which helps prevent constipation. Some food varieties like egg and milk are included in this diet. Furthermore, the hcg diet protocol does not allow any form of massage at all. A different type of hcg diet protocol was created by Dr Kevin Trudeau. His hcg diet protocol included some modifications such as a post breakfast snack and taking additional supplements.Dr Trudeau also advise people to try organic tea or Yerba Mate.

What is the hcg diet and its side effects?

Due to the low calorie intake, body’s blood sugar drops at a very low rate that can trigger the headaches, mood swings, and dizziness. One of the end result of too much hunger is tension headache. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek a doctor before trying this diet.

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