Juice fasting is a variety of detoxification diet that includes a provisional consumption of uncooked vegetable and fruit juice and drinking water only. In cases like this, no solid food are eaten by the one who fasts. The purpose of juice fasting is to clean your body of environmental and dietary toxins for a better well being. Advocates of juice fasting advocate this technique as fruit and veggies are great sources of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Juice fasting often continues for one to 3 days.

In a juice fasting diet plan, the use of organic and natural, fresh juiced fruits and vegetables are recommended. The recommended quantity of juice that should be consumed daily is between 32 and 64 ounces, sipped throughout the day. The most frequent fruits and vegetables used for juice fasting are celery, cabbage, carrot, apple, kale, cranberry, pineapple, spinach, beet, and greens. In addition to the juice, 6 glasses of water are also consumed. Furthermore, certain fruits and vegetables aren’t recommended to be juiced and these comprise of pits of peaches, apricots, bananas, avocados, apple seeds, cherries, carrot and rhubarb tops, and citrus peels. Citrus fruits needs to be avoided while green vegetables and sprouts are advised, as they contain chlorophyll. Some of the side effects of a juice fast diet include head aches, exhaustion, hypoglycemia, acne breakouts, amplified body odor, halitosis, and bowel problems.

Not all people however are eligible for a juice fasting diet regime. First of all, expecting and nursing women can?t afford to try out juice fasting as they demand food in order for them to supply nutrients to their infants. People with chronic ailments and other health conditions such as anemia, underweight, addictions, malnutrition, liver disease, kidney disease, eating disorders, low blood sugar, diabetes, reduced immune system, infection, nutritional deficiency, low blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, cancer, terminal illness, and epilepsy shouldn?t try juice fasting as well since it can significantly jeopardize their health. Those who are under treatments should talk to their physician first before carrying out to juice fasting diet plan so as not to interfere with the treatment. Finally, individuals who are about to undertake or have a surgery should not try this as the body requires food intake to recuperate from the process.

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