There are numerous articles available about the raw food detox diet, both on the internet and in magazines, so it is easy to get confused about what the raw food detox diet includes and the affects it has on your body. Some articles claim that raw food detox diets are great for cleansing the body of toxins and free radicals to boost an individual’s overall health and reduce cellulite, wrinkles and bloating. Other articles tell us that the raw food detox diet is dangerous and causes side effects associated with malnutrition since it does not include all of the minerals and essential nutrients the human body requires for optimal functioning. So will the raw food detox diet benefit your body and help you lose weight? Or will it cause damage to your body?

What It Involves

As the name suggests, the detox diet plan involves eating only raw foods. This can be quite difficult to follow, especially if you are a big fan of starchy foods and meat. Followers of the raw food detox diet plan can only drink water and eat food that is derived from plants and has not been cooked or processed. The list of foods that can be eaten includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, legumes, beans, nuts, seaweed, herbs and spices. It should not include food that does not come from plants such as meat or fish. Cooked or processed food should also not be consumed.

Is it Healthy or Dangerous?

Whether the raw food detox diet is beneficial or dangerous will depend on how long the diet is followed for. If one takes a sensible approach to the raw food detox diet by following it for just two or three days at a time, it has several associated health benefits. For instance, it can reduce the risk of heart disease, promote healthy weight loss, clean the digestive tract and improve the appearance of the skin. However, following a raw food detox diet for a prolonged period of time is harmful because it causes the body to become malnourished. Most plant foods not contain sufficient fat. The body needs a small amount of fat in order to regulate some bodily functions. They are also used absorb and store fat-soluble vitamins and utilize other essential nutrients effectively.
Proteins and minerals are an essential part of the human diet and the raw food detox diet does not contain these elements. Protein is needed to repair and build new tissue in the body, provide energy and protect against viral and bacterial diseases. Minerals are required for numerous different functions in the body. For example calcium is used to build healthy bone tissue and iron is needed for the synthesis of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.
The raw food detox diet shouldn’t be followed for more than a few days a month as it deprives your body from fat, protein and certain minerals, so if it is followed for longer it can cause damage to the body.

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